June 11, 2012


This is either going to work for us or against us, the "fine" comment.  My hope is that it is the phrase that they attribute to his loss.

And because this never would have happened in Reagan's America, I blame Obama for idiocy like this:
While 90 percent of Americans associate sidewalk chalk with harmless childhood fun, one Denver neighborhood homeowners association (HOA) wants to ban the “offensive” and “distracting” art, CBS Denver reports.
Someone complained about a little girl drawing hearts and flowers on the sidewalk with chalk.  They didn't talk to the parents about their concerns, they went straight to the HOA Nazis and filed a complaint.  A lawyer is involved.  A meeting will be held.  There is likely to be photographic evidence. Standby for the ACLU to swoop in to defend this little girl's right to free speech through chalk art. 

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CharlieDelta said...

Brutal ad! That's what I like to see in the GOP. Hopefully it's effective.