June 3, 2012

Family Fun Hangover

We are moving slowly this morning, a result of the manic state of these past few days leading up to Boom's graduation, family arriving in town, celebratory meals prepared, parties attended and other various missions accomplished.  I have not yet had the expected mom cry that I know is coming at some point.  I think keeping busy has helped.  I do recognize that I need to hit that low before taking Boom to college.  Slight separation anxiety on the college quad is expected, but not the full blown 'my baby' shrieks and snot rivers that are currently being suppressed.

Trying to keep somewhat in touch with the real world, while engrossed in our very personal world this weekend, I was struck by these two stories that seemed to line up on Drudge just so that I would make the correlation...

From Ronald Reagan, Jr. look-alike Rachel Maddow, when asked, regarding the election, "So if we’re in a fallow period now, when will we start to see people pay attention again?"(emphasis mine)
I think it’s the conventions and Labor Day. And I think the conventions are maybe more important this year than they have been in previous years. In 2008, particularly on the Democratic side, but also a little bit on the Republican side, there was real character-driven drama about who was going to be the nominee, and that made people interested in what was going on. So the conventions were the debut of Sarah Palin and some other stuff, but it was essentially trying to put some drama on something people are already paying attention to. Right now, nobody is paying attention. Cable news ratings are down across the board. The less you talk about the election, the more your ratings go up. The conventions are actually going to have a narrative import this year that they did not certainly have in ’08. That’s kind of exciting, to know that a political event is going to be politically important.
And, didn't she contradict herself in that paragraph by saying that there was character-driven drama at the 2008 conventions, and then she said that there was no "narrative import" at the 2008 conventions?

My favorite part is how she is the point man for MSNBC and CNN, trying to explain away their ratings drop by the generalization that all cable news ratings are down.  And why no mention of straight network news, to which she (and FOX) are affiliated? 

I had just finished reading Rachel's reality-shifting theory that talking less about the elections raises ratings, when this story caught my eye:
Reality TV shows are making increasing numbers of people convinced that they're the stars of their own, unwanted television programs. 
Psychiatrists are treating more people for so-called 'Truman Show' delusions -- named after the 1998 movie starring Jim Carrey as a man who spends his entire life unwittingly at the center of a fictional world that's being broadcast to millions of homes.
The startling cases often afflict successful people who develop paranoid fantasies that they're being filmed at all times and that the world that's in front of them isn't real.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

I remember when my Mom took me to college, granted it was only 60 miles away, but I didn't have a car, so going anywhere wasn't an option. Anyway, we got to my room, and my new roommate was already there with her mother and 3 sisters and they were all bawling and howling. Found out later it was her first time away from home. So Mom and I got everything up there in a couple of trips, and I don't remember exactly what we said, but it was borderline, "see you later." Don't remember a hug and definitely no tears were shed. Just like any other day.
Hope it goes well for the two of you later this summer.