June 5, 2012

Damn Yankee

The big news in our little town tonight is that a local boy, one of Boom's former classmates, has been drafted by the Yankees.   He was supposed to play football and baseball for TCU, but got the call and took the offer two days after moving into his dorm room.

I am not sure how I feel about high school kids skipping college and going straight to professional sports.  I know it isn't like he is starting tomorrow, but there is a whole big, sometimes bad, world out there waiting to swallow up good, talented kids.  It is a shame that our society skews celebrity, sport and success to the young.  That we are focused on always setting new records, doing things faster, longer, better, no matter the cost.

I know three former major league players (there must be something about this area as a retirement settlement for MLB).  Two are kinda washed up - for different reasons, but washed up all the same.  The other is a real stand up guy.  Married for nearly twenty years, two good kids (one a classmate of Boom's), active in their community and charitable ventures.  For fun, he used to sit by Boom and run the clock at basketball games, while she kept the book.  He worries about his daughter getting her heart broken.  Welcomes friends and school chums into his home, possibly never realizing just how great of a role model he has been to those boys and girls.

Out of those three guys, only one went attended a university- getting an associates degree from a community college, and he is one of the washed up ones.  So I can't really draw much of a conclusion about the importance of college, from my personal view. Digging deeper, I found that, in a 2010 survey, only 26 MLB players had a college degree, less than 5%! 

I'm not for more rules or restraints, I just wish our society put more emphasis on lifelong skills and knowledge, and less importance on celebrity and fame.

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