June 12, 2012

Border Confusion

My brother-in-law has a death wish.  Or he is stupid.  Maybe both.  Having lived his entire life in El Paso, he has no patience for the violence in Juarez.  His dentist is across the river, he has many business clients in Mexico and he has always shopped for certain items south of the border.  A couple of times in the past few years, BIL has narrowly missed a gun battle in the street.  Still, he refuses to change his routine.

Sister-in-law has taken up feral cat rescue of late.  The cats are trapped, neutered and returned to the 'wild'.  She puts out food for them (which keeps the others coming to the traps) and has amassed quite a group of regular visitors.  They like to lounge on the BIL's car.

BIL went to Mexico for some business last week.  Coming back across, a border patrol dog hit on his car.  Big time.  Said he was watching the dog circle around the back, lost sight of it as it went behind the car, and the next thing he knew, they were face to face in his open car window.  He was invited to exit the vehicle, was taken to the side and mildly questioned while border patrol agents searched his car.

In the course of the incident, when it was becoming clear that nothing would be found, BIL asked what sorts of things would make the dog hit like that.  He was told drugs, money and...another animal's scent.

What?  Can that be true?  How many times a day is the Fourth Amendment being trampled on because the old lady likes cats? 


CenTexTim said...

I don't understand the behavior of either one. I assume they're Mr. Harper's side of the family. Hopefully he got the common sense they apparently missed out on.

Anonymous said...

Would not be the first time wild pussy got a married man in trouble in Mexico.

CharlieDelta said...

Dammit! Anonymous stole my thunder...

Nicely done.