June 10, 2012

Biden's Hat

How are you spending the weekend?  For us, it is mostly work - house work, yard work, work work.  The kids did manage some pool time yesterday, which I hope to join in on today.

Our president played golf for the 99th time since taking office yesterday.  There weren't any official events on his calendar for today, so don't be surprised if he rolls over to an even 100 today.

The vice hosted his annual Beach Party for members of the media, staff and their children.  There have been any number of articles written about the ethical concerns for true journalists to attend a party, with their family, of a man they are tasked with reporting on, so I won't go down that path.

I think it is important to remember that, no matter our personal views of the current administration, they are still, very much, the face of America.  The internet allows for the worst of our imagery to be shared with the world in the blink of an eye.  While I have become accustomed to the entertaining things that come out of Biden's mouth, today I am reeling from his wardrobe choices.

Story here.  More photos here.

Unless you are a catcher, and actively engaged in a baseball game, there is no reason to wear your hat backwards.  Ever.  This affront is magnified by the lack of rap music, age of the wearer and the impossible-to-avoid mental picture comparison to this guy:



Titan Mk6B said...

There is one other place to wear a hat backward. A friend of mine who was in the Navy thought it stupid to wear one backwards. Until he hit the first bulkhead.

CharlieDelta said...

Although I agree with most of your backwards cap sentiment, I have to add another couple instances to the backwards-acceptance zones:

I rarely, RARELY have my hat backwards, but when I am engaging targets through a scoped rifle my hat with the bill forward becomes a nuisance if not an inhibitor. Backwards is the only way to go.

The only other time I may (not always) is at a baseball game when it's rally time for the Pads. A decade ago fans would wear their ball caps inside out for a rally or a comeback, but that's just stupid, so mine went backwards. But as I said, it's RARE. Mainly because the Pads RARELY have rallies or come-backs.

Biden is just a douche...

CharlieDelta said...

And of course I just noticed the bill is forward in my profile pic. The forward bill really does become a nuisance after a while, but sometimes I just deal with it I guess.

Maybe that shows just how much I agree with you Harper. That and how RARE it is for me to wear it backwards...