May 16, 2012

Yet another sign of the apocalypse

If you paid $35,800 to attend a fundraising dinner with the president, would you be offended when they confiscated your cell phone at the door?
More than 60 VIP donors who attended a fundraiser at the home Blackstone CEO Hamilton James on Monday night were told they had to place their phones in a plastic bag before being allowed admittance, ABC News reports.
While one campaign aide called the move “standard operating procedure,” Zeke Miller of Buzzfeed reports that several campaign veterans (including aides to Hillary Clinton, Rick Perry, and Jon Huntsman) have never “heard of the practice, which is common in secure White House spaces where there are concerns of espionage, but unknown in contexts in which only political secrets are discussed.”
Let's back up...if you are an American who has listened to Blowie demonize Wall Street executives for the past, I don't know, five years or so, would you be surprised to learn that he spends his evenings rubbing elbows with the evil 1% and walking back his public statements for the sake of fundraising?

While airing attack ads that call Romney's private equity firm a vampire:
Mr. Obama turned his focus from Romney's Wall Street ties and met with New York's financial elite himself at a Park Avenue fundraiser Monday night.
He raised more than $2 million from Wall Street deal makers, telling them, "I think risk takers should be rewarded."
 I can't believe that my fellow Americans continue to be taken in by this jackass. 

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