May 30, 2012

Wasted Votes

Can someone explain to me why people vote for primary candidates that aren't even running for office anymore?  Is there any validity or meaning to those votes?  Is it simply a refusal to vote against the presumed nominee or remaining candidates?

I think it gives false hope.  In a couple of years, Rick Santorum might look back and say, "Wow, look how many votes I got in Texas, six weeks after I quit running for the nomination!  I should run again!!"

Newt Gingrich might reflect on being virtually tied with Santorum in some counties, and think the same thing. 

And who are the hundreds of buffoons in my county that voted for Michelle Bachman?  She quit in January. 

How about that angle - who votes for quitters?  I have more respect for the uncommitted voters, even though I think they should just pick someone at this point.  Hey, fellas, think you might be able to commit by November?  And, yes, I said 'fellas', because we all know it is the male of the species that can't commit...

I live in a distinctly RED county.  One of the reddest in an already red state.  Still, it is nice to see the number of Republican voters versus Democratic.  Only a portion of the precinct's results have been officially posted, but Repub voters outnumber Dems by a 7 to 1 margin.  And I like that three no-name candidates are taking 6% of the presidential vote away from Blowie. 

I try not to delight in the defeat of others, but some have it coming to them, and I hope to be able to dance with glee in November, after our country elects ABO. 


Titan Mk6B said...

I live in OK and am quite satisfied that all 77 counties went red in the last election.

No doubt that it will happen again in November.

InsomniacSeeker said...

I agree with Titan Mk6B and am glad that all 77 of our counties went red last election.