May 25, 2012

Tech Support

I am a news junkie.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to be a pure news junkie these days, as every network throws in their celebrity bits.  And, often, the celebrity bits coincide with the political bits, as most of Hollyweird is a bastion of liberal nuttiness.

I wonder if anyone is keeping a list of all the celebrities that have opened their piehole and wallet to support Blowie.  Some days I start to post a funny story or entertaining video, but then I think about who is in it, and am reminded of some Blowie-support thing they did or said.  I'm not giving those people another soap box.

Today it was Larry Flynt and Ashley Judd slobbering over the prez.  I watched a hilarious Tenacious D video, but when I thought of posting it, I remembered that Jack Black is a big Blowie fan, I think he was on Clooney's guest list.  I am sick of blindly supporting delusional people that think Obama has been good for our country.  They really do live in an alternate reality.

What I need is some teenager to write some computer code.  I would like a program that scans my posts for names, and tells me if they are a Blowie supporter.  Like spell check, but without the correction option (because you can't fix stupid).

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