May 20, 2012

RIP Robin Gibb

I remember that I wasn't allowed to see Saturday Night Fever when it first came out in 1977.  Not appropriate for my age, with the 'R' rating.  I remember arguing the point a bit, as I had been taken to see Jaws which, I believe, scarred me for life.  It probably wasn't much of a fight as 1977 was also the year of Star Wars, which I saw weekly, if not more often, during its theater run.  When I finally did see the movie, I wasn't much of a fan.  I have never liked Donna Pescow, so I think I was biased from the outset.  Her character seemed so whiny and needy.  Not exactly the women's lib poster child for that decade.

I am straying a bit from my point.

Not having the context of the movie didn't seem to affect the music that flooded the airwaves in '77 and '78.  I soon had that black-covered, double album soundtrack.  Still have it, as a matter of fact.

Some days it seems like the seventies were a lifetime ago, but then when a week goes by and two disco era singers die in their early sixties, it seems like they left us much too soon.  I was a big Andy Gibb fan, along with the Bee Gees.  It is sad to think that three of the four musical Gibb brothers are gone now.  The Donna Summer 'Love to Love You Baby' album was an, um, spiritual awakening of sorts for me. Thankfully we have the immortality of their music.  Rest in Peace, Robin.   

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