May 9, 2012

Pimpin' out the presidency

Whether or not your mom's on Twitter, here's something guaranteed to make her smile on Sunday: getting a personal shout-out from President Obama.
From now until Thursday at midnight, you have a chance to win that for your mom or a special mother in your life—just get five or more donations to your grassroots fundraising page to automatically put yourself in the running. (If you don’t have a page, you can set one up here.)
That's right: If your name is drawn, the President will send your mom a special Mother's Day tweet from @BarackObama. With more than 15 million people following him on Twitter, she'll be honored in front of a pretty wide audience.
Even if your mom doesn't have an account, she'll still be getting a personal note from the President of the United States, thanking her for doing all the hard work that goes into being a mother.
I know my mom, Anne, would be thrilled—and it might even inspire her to give the whole Twitter thing a try.
So give it a shot. Tell everyone you know to pitch in and help get your name in the hat.
All you need are five donations by Thursday at midnight to be automatically entered, and it could be your mom who has an extra-special Mother's Day this year.
Good luck (and hi, Mom)!
Thanks to Weasel Zippers via Drudge for the story and commenter "Anna" from whom I borrowed my post title.

Boom was reading factoids to me out of a magazine yesterday, one of them was that the Queen Elizabeth has sent over 520,000 telegrams to people celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  I remember my grandparents getting a 50th wedding anniversary acknowledgement from President Reagan.  Lovely milestones in life celebrated with dignity and refinement.

Now, literally for $5, you can be entered in a drawing for a presidential Tweet.  Can this president get any more vulgar?  I can't even imagine the sort of people that would sit around the computer on Mother's Day, waiting to see if Blowie says something about their mother.  Who does that?  

You know me, I had to click over and see the details of this crass offer.  It doesn't even cost $5.  The Big Print says that the rules are to get 5 donations to a grassroots fundraising effort, but deep down in the Small Print is a link to the free entry page.

I plan to make multiple entries.  If I win, I am going to need a good "mother" name for Blowie to Tweet about.  What do you think I could get away with?  Mrs Fubo? 

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Mrs. PleaseDon'tEatMyDog