May 18, 2012

The Lies I Tell

For some reason the Do Not Call list is failing miserably of late.  I believe the majority of the calls are skirting the issue by claiming a political affiliation.  Nonetheless, it irks me and I have no patience for the calls.

Call me a job killer, because nobody is going to make their call quota dialing my number.  I am not rude, but I am not exactly indulging them.

My recent ploy is to listen to just enough of their spiel to know what to say so that they never call again.  Obviously I say the magic words "take me off your list", as well.

I frequently tell the Champion Carpet Cleaners that we have all concrete flooring.  No carpet, no tile, no grout, no hardwood to clean.  Air ducts?  Nope.  Historical home without central heat or air, I say.  Last summer was a bitch.

Last week I told a guy that I was a wrongly convicted felon and to not call me again to solicit funds for a law enforcement organization.

Yesterday I told someone that I was not a Republican, which is sorta true, though my mostly conservative beliefs put me closer to the right side than any other.

This evening, a nice sounding young man called on behalf of something like the "Association Against Illegal Immigration", so I, of course, told him I was an illegal immigrant.  I kinda look forward to ICE knocking on my door, I'd like to kick one of them in the balls.

Now if I can just figure out how to get those "credit card services" robocalls to stop.

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