May 24, 2012


Do you ever wake up and wonder how you will make it through another day in the liberal hell we are living in?  Everywhere I turn there is another bunch of stupid people making claims or demands for what they are owed, or what we (the taxpayers) should be giving to them.

It isn't just the young and entitled.  More and more I am faced with older people who think that by merely surviving life past age 65 entitles them to some life of luxury that they didn't plan or save for.  Mr H loves to hire older people for their experience and work ethic, but when they turn out to be incompetent or lazy, he can't fire them, lest he has an age discrimination suit on his hands.  (So much for our at-will employment state).

Some days I think I am living in a nightmare.  When I see senior citizens on the street or store, they don't look like the sweet grandparent types very often.  Usually they are bitter and mean.  Shit people, the economy has been rough on all of us.  Who do you think is funding what ever Social Security you are receiving?

My grandparents worked nearly their whole life.  They raised eight children on a small working farm in northeast Kansas.  They didn't buy things on credit.  They raised most of what they ate.  They were active volunteers in their community, though it was never recognized as volunteerism - it was just how people lived, giving a hand to those in need, or getting together to organize a community event.  They had card parties, belonged to clubs, had lifelong friends.  They died after living a completely fulfilled life.

I pray to God that I am raising my children with a strong work ethic and the desire to be self-supporting.  I have no respect for people thinking they should get a free or reduced price ride, just because they have lived to the government mandated "retirement" age.  GMAFB

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