May 21, 2012

FOD two-fer

While I realize that Blowie isn't to blame for our entrance into the war in Afghanistan, he is completely to blame for any world leader that thinks they can speak this casually about the cost to Americans:
"I'm bringing to you and to the people of the United States the gratitude of the Afghan people for the support that your taxpayers' money has provided us over the past decade, and for the difference that it has made to the well-being of the Afghan people," Karzai said after his meeting with President Obama ahead of the start of the NATO Summit.
 And another example of why the presidency might never recover from the trash occupying the White House right now.  It isn't enough for people to meet the president, to possibly shake hands or rub elbows at a swanky dinner party or A-list event.  Big check fundraisers used to be hush-hush.  Only those with the means were considered for the invite list, only those with class attended.

Obama auctions off seats at his fundraising dinners.  And it isn't enough, anymore, to just meet the president.  He's had George Clooney host a party, and now Sarah Jessica Parker is the latest celeb to raise money and be a co-raffle prize for the Prez.
The fundraiser, entitled 'A New York Night', continues the President's policy of inviting one or two regular supporters to hob-nob with the great and the good of D.C., Manhattan and Hollywood.

The lottery winners will have their transport and accommodation paid for, and will be given tickets to a Mariah Carey concert.

While this may seem like a generous gesture towards the Democratic grassroots, it is in fact a highly lucrative fundraising strategy.

At Mr Clooney's dinner last week, donations by supporters hoping for a chance to attend raised $9million - more than the $6million handed over by the wealthy invited guests.
Raffling off the chance to meet the leader of the free world, all in the name of re-electing him.  And, to keep it classy, this is the host.

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