May 8, 2012

Cool religion

It is a little quiet around Harper house this week, as Bang is off on his class trip to Boston.  Since 14-year old boys aren't the greatest communicators, I am thankful for a teacher/chaperone that Tweets pictures and updates throughout the day.  The snapshots of the kids at Fenway Park elicited many groans of envy.

The group met for departure at 5 am yesterday.  For us, that meant a 3:45 am wake-up call since the path from here to the airport is mostly a major construction zone and they close sections of the highway each night to work on overpasses and such.  Boom, in some inexplicable show of sibling affection, got up and accompanied us to the airport.

We were standing with the other families, waiting to make sure that none of our kids would be the one to cause a TSA incident, when a trio of Buddhist monks walked toward us.  I believe Boom called them "legit monks" - as if someone other than a monk would shave their head and parade through the airport in a sarong (this is Texas, not California).  As they approached our group, an older woman on a bench next to us saw them and dropped to her knees, bowed her head and clasped her hands in a prayer position in front of her.  The kids were elbowing each other and saying, "cool".

Damn straight.

I didn't lecture, but was struck by the parallels of this group of kids traveling to a city at the heart of our struggles for freedom from religious tyranny, witnessing what freedom of religion means, right there in the airport terminal.  And they weren't offended or bothered, they thought it was cool.

And not to get all lectury (I know, I know) with those of you reading, but it is cool that, in our country, we are free to worship as we choose.  I don't think our forefathers ever dreamed of 'religions' that weren't based on love.  'Religions' that call for their followers to murder anyone unlike them.  Hell, that is antithetic to our country's reasons for seeking religious freedom. 

My stomach curdles, thinking about the time and resources that will be spent over the next several years, housing, feeding, providing medical care and a team of attorneys to violent, evil men who plotted to kill as many Americans as they could, in the name of a 'religion' that our government bends over backwards to accommodate.  That isn't what was intended by our country's founders.  It isn't what our Constitution intends to protect.   

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