May 1, 2012


Over the weekend, I used the word 'arrogant' to describe someone.  The Princess asked what 'arrogant' meant, and once satisfied she understood from the synonyms we provided, walked away saying that she liked that word and would be using it at school this week.  I am not sure if she had an intended target in mind, or just likes to sound the most verbally advanced among the third grade.  If she is looking for a person to apply that particular adjective to, I would suggest the president.

Setting aside the crassness of running an election ad that politicizes the assassination of Osama bin Laden, how dare Blowie take credit for the death?

I can't even begin to name the layers of responsibility and credit that are due to everyone else up and down the chain of command, supply, training and intelligence that deserve a pat on the back for killing bin Laden.  A true leader would have deferred every ounce of recognition to those people.  From the military member that actually put the bullet in bin Laden's head, to the person working in the ammo factory producing that bullet, the gun manufacturer, the boot maker, even the accountant at the Kevlar factory - all deserve recognition before the douchebag that simply gave the order that allowed the Seal team to do what they were trained and in position for.

To every person, known, unknown, behind the scenes, or driving the train - anyone who has anything to do with protecting my freedoms, honorably serving in the United States Military - God Bless You and Thank You.  I acknowledge and appreciate each and every one of you.

To that empty suit occupying the Oval.  Sit down and STFU.

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