April 20, 2012

That's the Spirit

I have never flown Spirit Airlines, but I want to.  If the flight experience is anything akin to their marketing campaigns, it would be worth the TSA pat down.

Fox News ran a story about Spirit Airlines running a Secret Service-themed promotion for flights to Columbia.  Spirit called it 'More Bang for your Buck'.  Bwahaha.

As the article points out, Spirit's marketing department has used other current events to promote fare sales; they had a Winning! sale that poked fun at Charlie Sheen and
"several Blagojevich-themed ad campaigns during the former Illinois governor's pay-to-play scandal, including one with a campaign: "Thought you could escape Chicago for Colorado.. You Thought Wrong."
What a great sense of humor this company has.  I clicked over to Spirit to see what their fares might be for flights that I am apt to take, and loved the graphic for their GSA special:

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