April 11, 2012

Terrorists +1

This story is over a week old, but it still needs some light shined on it.  

On April 1st, the TSA evacuated most of a terminal at Love Field in Dallas because of a suspicious device found on an airplane.
The device looked like a cell phone attached to a remote control car with some exposed wires protruding.
The device was a robot left on the plane by a group of college students from San Jacinto College in Houston.  They had been in Kansas City for an honors conference.  Despite explaining it was simply a case of forgetting an item on the airplane, the TSA handcuffed and detained 11 people.  Here is where the dangerous college robotics geeks are paraded through the terminal in handcuffs:

Judging by the crowd in the video, the TSA had already determined that there was no actual danger.  Yet they insist upon treating these students (and a professor or two) like criminals.

Three years ago my son left his DS on an airplane.  American Airlines tracked us down by the seat number it was found in and had it couriered to our hotel.  Best customer service I have ever had from AA.  Granted, a DS doesn't look like a bomb, but - isn't that what a terrorist aims for?  Something that doesn't look like a bomb?  Why the over-reaction toward these college students?

Sometimes it seems like the terrorists won. 

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kerrcarto said...

I will not fly anywhere. But, you know the airports are just the beginning. The TSA, coming soon to a travel checkpoint near you.