April 17, 2012

Tax (Freedom) Day

Anyone out there still working on the ol' taxes?

While it was nice of the IRS to give everyone until the 17th, I think that the extension made some people procrastinate even more.  Not me, did the taxes weeks ago and, as hard as I tried not to, got some money back.

According to these folks, April 17th is also Tax Freedom Day for 2012.  All of you working stiffs out there have been toiling since January 1st, just to pay your tax burden.   

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Why aren't more people upset about paying taxes?  I'll tell you why; because of withholding.  If employers weren't acting as the government's tax collectors, and people got their full paycheck in hand, and then had to turn around and pay the government, there would be a bloody revolution.  Sure, it is simplistic, but it is accurate.  If people could actually hold all of the money they earned, have it right there in the palm of their hand, only to have to turn around and pay the government - there would be change.

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