April 19, 2012

If It Ain't Broke...

Dear Blogger:

I am too old for this crap.  First it was 'old editor' versus 'new editor', but at least you let me choose.  Then you changed the comment setup and even my laser-corrected vision and a 21-inch screen can't manage to distinguish the letters of your fun house mirror version of word verification.

This morning, as is my frequent practice, I was up before the rest of the house, enjoying the quiet, logging on to post some scintillating thoughts on the world and/or my life and I am hit with this new Blogger dashboard or whatever the hell you are calling it now.

What in the hell is wrong with a button that says 'New Post'.  I think that is pretty damn self-explanatory.  Sure, you have that button on the second page, but on the dashboard I had to hover over every freakin' picture button to determine that the one with the golf pencil on it means 'new post'.

You know what I used to like about the Blogger post list?  It looked absofuckinglutely nothing like my Gmail box.  Hard to tell the two apart now.  Great, someone will get a blog post as an email and I will accidentally post an email as a blog post.  Watch and see.

I am sure that this new layout is more intuitive, and I can see that you are providing view counts and other info that wasn't readily available before.  But I am a creature of habit and I liked it just fine the way it was.  I have enough change happening in my life right now, I didn't need this.



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