April 27, 2012

Cash for Deadbeats

I had one of those days yesterday.  I reported for third grade field trip driving duty.  Loaded up my assigned passel of kiddos, cut the steering wheel hard to the right to pull away from the curb at the school and the power steering pump crapped out on me.

I sat for an hour and a half waiting on the tow, but it did get me out of a field trip!

What I love about our go-to garage is that they humor me with my junior diagnostics.  For the record, I haven't been wrong yet, so maybe I have a little credibility.

Every time something goes wrong with one of the cars, I get that itch to get a new car.  But, the total cost for the power steering pump, new hoses and the tow is still less than what the monthly payment was back when I bought the damn car.  It costs a lot less to maintain a car than to buy a new one.

Just yesterday, I read about Texas running their own sort of 'Cash for Clunkers' program.  The aim is to get  people driving more energy efficient and cleaner fuel-burning cars.  The big print says you can get a $3,000 voucher toward the purchase of a new vehicle if yours has failed an emissions test or is at least 10 years old.  Hot Damn!  I mentally had Mr Harper's 2000 model traded in, until I read the small print.

The state of Texas doesn't want to help everyone drive a more fuel efficient car, only poor people.  There are income guidelines.  Guidelines that we can't meet unless we can count our pets as dependents.

How stupid is that?  The plan is administered by the 'AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine program'.  The underlying mission is to improve our air quality.  Why should cleaner air discriminate based on income?  Let's be honest...poor people are going to buy some other mediocre to poor piece of crap car that they can't afford to properly maintain.

People like me, however, could take that $3,000 of free money (tongue in cheek) and parlay it into a truly fabulous automobile purchase.  A carefully Carfax checked, Consumer Reports and Car & Driver reviewed, safety minded American auto purchase that I would be able to afford and would drive until the wheels fell off.

I am one of the 53% that pays taxes, which funds stupid ass programs like this that I can never take advantage of.  Nobody tells you that working hard, being a law-abiding citizen and achieving the American dream will mean that you struggle everyday to make ends meet while that slutty crack addict from high school lives high on the government hog - compliments of us.

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CenTexTim said...

I heard an advertisement for that program on the radio yesterday. Not only are we paying so that other people can buy new cars, we're paying to advertise the program.

The funny thing was that the ad came on during Sean Hannity's show. I doubt that many of his listeners fall into the socio-economic that the program is targeting. Maybe they should advertise it on KRAP ("All Rap, All the Time")