April 4, 2012

Are you smarter than a college football player?

I certainly am.

A young man by the name of Morris Claiborne scored a dismal '4' on a Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Abilities Test.  Apparently this test is given to prospective NFL players.  The results are supposed to be a secret, but are obviously routinely leaked, as there is no shortage of info on who scored what.  I found this.
Vince Young made headlines when it was rumored that he scored a 6 (though he earned a 16 on his second attempt). On the other end of the spectrum, Buffalo's Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 50.

Some sample scores of other players include: Drew Bledsoe - 37; Steve Young - 33; John Elway - 30; Dan Marino - 16; Donovan McNabb - 14; Hakeem Nicks - 11; Sebastian Janikowski - 9.
The 10 point improvement made by Young may indicate the current spin being put on Claiborne's score:
Chances are, it actually measured just how much he cared about the test, how bad of a day he was having or something along those lines.
I wondered about his Wonderlic test.  I found a sample test on their website, and a very loose extrapolation suggests that allowing 5 minutes for these 12 questions, and then multiplying your correct answers by 4.167, will yield an approximate representation of what your score would be on the test:

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So, are you smarter than a college football player?


kerrcarto said...

Apparently I am. I got'em all right.

Harper said...

I had no doubts. Can't think of a blogger I know that wouldn't get over 40. And the football players mentioned got a free college education. What a screwed up system.

CenTexTim said...

Smarter, yes.

Richer, no.