March 30, 2012

Texas Men and their Trucks

Some folks down in San Antonio are a little upset over the graffiti spray painted on their neighbor's house:

As you might have guessed, the homeowner did the artwork hisownself.  The article points out that police and code enforcement feel like he hasn't broken any laws.  They don't have any ordinances that regulate the painting of houses, and since he didn't spell out the profanity, he hasn't violated any obscenity laws.

I have never had a vehicle stolen, but I have had my car and house broken into.  It is a horrible mix of emotions ranging from anger, violation, paranoia, powerlessness and fear.  We love our trucks in Texas, so I feel this man's pain. 

I do have a hard time believing that 'U R A dead man' can't be construed as some sort of threat.  Maybe the San Antonio PD and DA haven't gotten that far yet.

The neighbors are up in arms because the children can see it!  And it has caused a steady stream of gawkers. 

I say, give the man his day.  It might not get his truck back, but it is making him feel like he is doing something.  I think he will move on soon enough and not want to be reminded.  Then he will have a nice fresh coat of paint on his house and the neighbors won't have anything to bitch about.  Until something of theirs is stolen.

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