March 23, 2012

She's not naturally blonde

On the way to school yesterday morning, the chatter in the car was about a Very Scary video game that has resulted in a wave of YouTube videos that show the reactions of people playing it.  Of course, Boom couldn't remember the name of the game, just the basic description.

She whips out the handy-dandy smart phone and Googles something along the lines of 'scary video games'.  She came upon a video countdown of the five scariest videos of the year.  Boom was naming each of the videos aloud as the countdown ensued.  When it got to number two, she commented that it looked very scary, but it wasn't the one she was telling us about.  'What is that one called?', I said.

'It didn't say, wait, unless it is...'Coming Soon'.


CenTexTim said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Harper said...