March 4, 2012

Not so electrifying

Nobody wants to buy the Obamamobile, aka the Chevy Volt.
General Motors Co. announced the temporary suspension of Chevrolet Volt production and the layoffs of 1300 employees, as the company is cutting Volt manufacturing to meet lower-than-expected demand for the electric cars.
"Even with sales up in February over January, we are still seeking to align our production with demand," GM spokesman Chris Lee said. The car company had hoped to sell 45,000 Chevy Volts in America this year, according to the Detroit News, but has only sold about 1,626 over the first two months of 2012.
Why aren't people leaping at the chance to buy a taxpayer subsidized electric car?  Is it the price?  Design?  Safety features?  Nope, according to GM, sales are down because of, wait for coverage.
"GM blamed the lack of sales in January on “exaggerated” media reports and the federal government's investigation into Volt batteries catching fire, which officially began in November and ended Jan. 21," the Ann Arbor (Mich.) News reported.
Exaggerated media?  Whatever happened to the adage that says there is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary?  GM had the freaking president of the United States sit in their electric car as it rolled of the assembly line, and have pushed those photos and videos ad nauseum.  Maybe they should re-think that PR campaign.

While anyone with two functioning brain cells can figure out that a car that costs over $80,000 to build, but retails for $40,000 is an upside down business model - the wonks at Chevy are gonna keep on building them and they are going to keep on screwing the taxpayer in the process.

In the grand tradition of unionized labor, Chevy shuts down an assembly line and lays off workers that they have publicly said they will rehire April 23rd.  Could Chevy do what mom & pop businesses have successfully done for decades, and find some other work for their employees to fill the gap?  Hell. No. They lay them off so they can collect unemployment, while their unions offer stop-gap programs that provide insurance and other benefits.

Chevy should be paying us to drive their damn cars.

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