March 11, 2012

The gun run

I'm not a statistical analyst, but I can usually discern a reasonable conclusion when given information.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently posted a story about 'booming gun sales'  CBS posted a 'gun sales rise in Texas on fear of Obama re-election' story in their election news section.  Other outlets have jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Where I sit, personal experience is the best indicator - not what the media tells me, though many of the above linked stories are full of official numbers (the most impressive of which is that the FBI had 16.3 million inquiries for gun purchases in 2011).  Short of interviewing every gun purchaser I know, or see, I can't definitively say why people are buying guns.  But they are.

A recent and poorly timed Saturday morning trip to Cheaper Than Dirt revealed that half of the population of North Texas goes shopping there on Saturday mornings.  It was assholes to elbows.  To get to Cheaper Than Dirt, I pass by Cabela's.  On the way home we stopped to get Bang a couple of things for Boy Scouts.  The bank of computers that I thought were set up for Christmas gun sale purchases was still there and still in use, as Saturday traffic in the Cabela's gun department was brisk, to say the least. 

When Boom left the local school district 3 years ago, one of her classmates was the son of (what I would characterize as) a crunchy granola-Birkenstock wearing-tree hugging-gun hating-embracing my hippy side surgeon.  This man holds a chief of staff position at a local hospital.  Three years later, he now owns the equivalent of a small country's arsenal worth of weapons, has his CHL and carries at all times.  He has a one word answer to his character transformation - Obama.  Of course, he has a very intelligent explanation of the financial, medical, civil rights and personal hardships caused by the policies of the current administration, but it all boils down to The One.

I sat in the new office building of a friend yesterday.  His new business is related to the petroleum industry.  He shared with me that his most effective interviewing tactic is his introduction, 'We are a bunch of rednecks.  We wear jeans and boots to work, we go to church, we liked the Bushes, we hate Obama and Hillary, and we have guns.  Lots and lots of guns.'

So far, he has had only one applicant run for the door.  The rest have said, 'count me in'.

My last example was found on the 'Texas Gun Talk' forum.  8 o'clock on a Sunday morning and there were 1,002 users online.  There are probably thousands of other gun sites and blogs online, with just as many readers.  It's too early in the day to do the math, and, again, I am not a statistical analyst, but that seems like a decent chunk of the population, showing not just awareness of their 2nd Amendment rights, but an active interest.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

"We loved the Bushes, hate obama & Hillary and have lots of guns. Lots and lots of guns." .... Bwahaha. Love it.