March 31, 2012

Did Lee and Barr forget how to tweet?

Forget Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  If celebrities, politicians and other public figures want to use their media presence to right a wrong, then here are the two names they should be concerned with:

Drew Faircloth and Alicia Brown
These two shitbags disguised as educators have been making a sport out of verbally and mentally abusing a student in their care.  10-year old Jose Salinas has cerebal palsy.
Salinas was repeatedly and viciously mocked for drooling, as well as for having difficulty speaking, by Alabama-area schoolteachers Drew Faircloth and Alicia Brown.
The scandal was discovered when little Jose’s mother, Melisha Salinas, attached a recording device to Jose’s wheelchair, which caught some of the vicious remarks on tape for all to hear.
“You drooled on the paper, that’s disgusting,” Faircloth says in one recording. Brown, meanwhile, says “Keep your mouth closed and don’t drool on my paper. I do not want to touch your drool. Do you understand that? Obviously, you don’t.”
When Salinas tries to respond to the taunts in one exchange, Brown callously fires back, “That’s not an answer. That’s not even a word.”
When presented with the recording, the teachers were temporarily placed on administrative leave and then allowed back at school.  Now that Jose's mom went to the press, the school board is deciding their employment future.

What about calling the police and having those two fuckwads arrested for abusing a child?  How about cleaning the administrative house at that school?  No one that participated, was aware, suspected but didn't speak up or had a part in allowing those two asshats around children should ever work in education again.

If you would like to vomit, click this link and listen to a snippet of the recorded audio.


meg said...

I couldn't bring myslf to listen to the recording but just read about these disgusting pieces of trash. Not only should they never EVER be allowed to even be in the same ROOM with children ever again, but i feel like some sort of punishment...REAL in order here. Somethimg that gives them a real idea of the mental anguish that they inflicted on that boy. And good for his mother or taking matters into her own hands and demanding that action be taken! She is literally my new hero.

kerrcarto said...

You must really be pissed off. You cursed!!

Those two union shitbags (they are apparently NOT teachers) should be fired and have their teaching certificate revoked. Let them go work at a 7-11.

Harper said...

It's funny that in real life I have an embarrassing potty mouth, but I rarely put it in blog form.