March 28, 2012

Crash made it to 5

My youngest turned 5 today.  Crash was appropriately manic, yet tolerant of the time schedule that left present opening until 7pm.  I talked him out of a 'invite 20 of my 4 and 5-year old preschool friends' party, but that somehow morphed into 'I want my whole family to go to Chuck E Cheese for dinner to celebrate'. 

If you are ever at a family friendly place on Wednesday night, look around and count how many dads are there with kids.  Mid-week visitation seems to go hand and hand with dinner and kid-themed entertainment.  Most tonight looked like they had come straight from work, ties loosened to challenge Little Johnny at Mario Kart.

I survived the experience and managed to come home with all of my children, unlike some in recent news stories.

As we arrived home for presents and cake, I went to prepare the kitchen table.  We generally slide it out of the way a bit during the day.  I tugged, the table moved, but the (very heavy, solid oak) 5 foot bench didn't slide, it tipped and then fell on the top of my foot.  It is ugly, blue, swelling and throbbing.  I am not yet in so much pain that I am willing to fork out my ER co-pay.  I would rather see how it looks and feels in the morning.  RICE and Shiner are my current plan.  I think I will run out of Shiner before I run out of pain.


CenTexTim said...

Does Chuck E. Cheese serve beer? That's about the only way most sane people could tolerate gatherings of a large number of hyped-up preschoolers.

It also might explain how the bench ended up on your foot.

kerrcarto said...

Maybe some laughter will help. Hope your foot feels better. No breaking it!!! That would mean no pool for Blownstar!

Harper said...

This particular Chuck E Cheese does not currently serve beer. They have tried a couple of times, but there has always been some sort of outcry when they post the TABC permit sign. Pregaming is of the utmost importance. Plus, I had cake and presents at home, so there was a reason to leave.

The foot ain't looking good, x-rays in the morning. I am optimistic that it is just severely bruised, soft tissue damage.