February 12, 2012

What a waste

I was never much of a Whitney Houston fan.  During her heyday, some of her hits were virtually inescapable, so I am aware of her body of work, and could probably sing along with a decent bit of it.

I never saw The Bodyguard and have always preferred Dolly's version of 'I Will Always Love You', but again, I didn't mind Whitney's music, I just didn't pursue it or own it.

It is a sad waste of a life to die at age 48, being a known drug abuser.  There is a young woman who is motherless as her adult life begins.  I can't imagine what that girl's childhood was like.

It pisses me off that people with so much talent, success and wealth so often squander it.  Sometimes it seems like the bigger the celebrity, the weaker their personal character. 

I suppose this is one of those times to gather my family tight, remind ourselves to be content in our no-where-near-the-limelight lives, and rejoice in the happiness that we have in this life.  I would rather be normal, boring and unknown, than famous and dead.

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