February 20, 2012


I am surfing the 'net for some blog fodder while watching the local network news with one eye.  One of their efforts at improving the economy is to do 'hot job' announcements and brief local business stories.  Tonight they are visiting a salon that does waxes.

I listened as the reporter was touring the facility, glanced up as she was being shown to a room and discussing the privacy measures and reasons that everyone should be comfortable with putting all their bits out there for this company to remove the hair from.

I caught the tail end of a description of the salon's trademark package that includes some 'sparklies'.  Ahhh, a vajazzling kind of a salon.

As the story was wrapping up, the reporter's voice-over was recounting the location and noted that, "everything from a basic clean up to a full Brazilian is available.  And while they specialize in kitties, they also wax eyebrows and other body parts."

Holy shit, did the TV lady just use a cat euphemism to describe the female genital area?  Is that generally accepted?  I had to rewind it three times, I couldn't believe that is what she said.  My husband is still laughing.

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CenTexTim said...


I'm with your husbands. LOL!!!