February 24, 2012


Toilets, bathtubs, and sinks in two southeast Houston houses became fecal fountains Thursday afternoon when a City of Houston Public Works employee tried to clear a clogged sewer line and sent the sewage, at high pressure, in entirely the wrong direction.
Can you imagine?  And at the hands of a municipal employee!
 Alfredo Nuno’s home at Greendowns Street and the Gulf Freeway was the hardest hit. The sewage exploded through his toilet and bathtub, showering the bathroom with fecal matter and spreading sewer water of various consistencies down the hallway, into his bedroom, and through the bathroom wall, flooding his kitchen.
“They ruined my house,” he said, while leading KHOU 11 News to the rental unit in his backyard, where his brother’s apartment suffered the same fate.
Behind that, a neighbor’s house on Southern Street received the same treatment. Ana Zamorano stood outside her rental home, refusing to go back inside. The stench was unbearable.
“There’s nothing I can do now. Look I haven’t even changed,” she said still wearing her work uniform. “It’s ridiculous. It stinks too bad in there. Seriously it does."
“I don’t know what to say that it smells like,” said Nuno, choosing his words carefully. “The thing that comes out from your behind.”
Let me help you out there, sir.  It smells like shit.  Because it is shit. 

I avoid Houston at all costs, can't stand the place.  This is all the more reason.  But, if I were anywhere in the area, I would buy all of these people several large adult beverages.  God Bless You.  Call a haz mat clean up service and a lawyer.

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kerrcarto said...

The city of Kerrville did that to dad's rental right after we finished putting in new flooring and paint. It ruined everything. The city ended up paying for the damage, but I had to clean up.