January 3, 2012

School's back!

It is no small miracle that all of my children have survived the Christmas holiday break from school. 

I have said it before, and I am not proud of it, but sometimes the young ones hear and see things they wouldn't, if they didn't have older siblings (okay, and me).  Boom wondered aloud today, if there is a name for the phenomenon by which the youngest among us can pick the most offensive words out of a conversation and repeat them.  They just seem to know which word they shouldn't repeat, yet can't help but say it.

Crash got a mouthful of Irish Spring today.  (He has since told me he prefers the Dove).  But even the soap treatment didn't stop him from re-stating exactly what he said to Mr H, when asked why he was punished.  It was as if he knew that he could get away with saying it again, since he was supposed to speak honestly to his father. 

He didn't use an alternate word, he didn't insinuate, he blurted out, 'I called The Princess an asshole!'.  And then he smiled sweetly at me, and asked if I was proud of him for telling the truth. 

Welcome to Harper House, ignore the teeth marks in the soap.

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