January 6, 2012

Public humiliation as a crime deterrent

I don't know what laws make crime records public information.  Being a (mostly) law abiding citizen, I have never had occasion to be immortalized in a mug shot for all the world to see.  Probably because I don't have a criminal history, I love that the average Joe can pull up mug shots and criminal records.  Until someone gets the nerve to bring back public punishments, my kids have to be intimidated by the weekly 'Mugshot Mayhem' feature.

A neighboring county chose to create a webpage listing all of their New Year's DWI offenders.  If you want to see if any friends or co-workers in the Fort Worth, Texas area were arrested, you can click here for the list

We don't put anyone in stocks in the public square.  We don't nail ears to a post.  There are no scarlet letters worn.  We don't brand or tattoo murderers.  We don't cut off the hands of thieves.  We don't publicly execute.  Most people don't ever dig any deeper than what the media tells them.  It's a shame, because there is usually much more to the story.  I would appreciate less protection of criminals and more public humiliation.

I have long said that executions should be on Pay Per View, with the money made reimbursing the costs of the imprisonment.  I won't go into the ridiculousness of a prison system that provides better care for its inmates than any other entity does for a free and law abiding public.  I applaud the Tarrant County DA for going the public humiliation route for DWI offenders.  Don't stop there.   


CenTexTim said...

"Public humiliation as a crime deterrent"

Or a .12 gauge in every house...

kerrcarto said...

"We don't brand or tattoo murderers."

Nah, they do that themselves. Proudly.

CharlieDelta said...

Some of those mugshots were hilarious. The one dude arrested for AGG assault with bodily injury looked like he was having a great time messing around. The look on his face is too funny! LMAO!

In La Mesa where I used to live, the city would post mugshots, names and detailed information on the front page of the Sunday paper when someone was arrested for picking up whores in their city limits. People would piss and moan about "privacy rights" blah, blah, blah and sued the City and later lost. HA!

I think the public deserves to know if their kid's 2nd grade teacher was arrested for cocaine possession while picking up a whore on some Friday afternoon after school. Or if their dentist sells herself for some extra cash on weekends.

I used to get the Sunday paper for that feature alone, hoping to see someone I knew in there, but never recognized anyone. That would've been funny.

Needless to say, not much prostitution was happening in the City of La Mesa after about two months of that. Obviously it was a brilliant idea that yielded excellent results. Why they don't do it for every arrest is beyond me...