January 22, 2012

Now what?

This week we learned that Romney didn't win Iowa, Santorum did.  Perry called it a day.  Newt won South Carolina.  Is there anything at all predictable about this campaign season?

Is it just me or does it seem like voters are intentionally voting for a result that is the opposite of what the media builds up in the week before the primary?  I think that ABC screwed the pooch airing a sour grapes interview with Newt's second ex-wife.  Considering our country's divorce rate, there are plenty of people out there with an ex or two that know exactly how they would feel being put in Newt's shoes.  I think many South Carolinians wanted to express their feelings about that sort of journalism by voting for Newt, when they might have voted for someone else before that interview aired.

Florida, Nevada and Maine are up next.  Then Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri. A three week break and then Arizona and Michigan, followed by Washington and then Super Tuesday.  Do you think it will be decided by then? 

The sooner, the better, I think.  We need a candidate that is running against Obama, not his peers in the GOP. 

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or should Newt Gingrich really be running as a Democrat