January 8, 2012

Independent thought, MIA

I didn't get a chance to watch the debate last night.  I didn't even record it.  There were a couple of sporting events on television that took precedence.  We had family in town for the weekend, having come to attend the Cotton Bowl, and Saturday evening was time to visit before their departure this morning.

Is it wrong to admit that college basketball, NFL football and a couple of games of Bananagrams were infinitely more exciting than watching another GOP presidential debate?

And no, I didn't get out of bed and in front of the television at 8 am this morning to watch today's debate.  Who in the hell thought an 8 am (central time) Sunday debate was a good idea?  Isn't most of the GOP's base headed to church at that time?  

These debates have become ineffective and redundant.  I understand the grand tradition.  I was a high school debater, I appreciate the foundation, the intent.  That ship has sailed.  There is little subject oriented debate.  There are few facts, verifiable statistics or moral statements presented.  The candidates take swipes at one another.  The 'moderators' show their political leanings and do little to actually moderate or facilitate the event. 

The media draws broad and hopelessly varied conclusions over the outcomes.  My local fish wrap had a large headline declaring Mitt Romney the clear winner.  Unfortunately, too many people will take that opinion to heart, never forming their own opinions or watching a debate themselves. 

How many debates will there have been by the time of the GOP convention?  How many clearly biased mainstream media commentators will slant questions and pull things out of their ass to trip up whoever their bosses have said they need to discredit?  The media has pushed the point that this election will be decided on the status of the economy.  Is it any surprise that there are suddenly a slew of stories about how positive the economy is looking?  The media is declaring Romney the candidate while setting the stage for Blowie to cruise to another term.  And the sheeple are following.  

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CenTexTim said...

I read on some other blog - I forget where, which happens often at my age - that the only difference between a mainstream media commentator and Oprah is 100 pounds.