January 24, 2012

Hard to read

Do you ever read a speech or transcript of some sort of dialogue and find yourself hearing the original speaker in your head?  I am now trying to read out loud, so I hear my voice instead of Blowie's...

I have been trying to read the transcript of the SOTU before the media starts telling me what it means.  I like to draw my own conclusions.   Yes, there are arguments to be made about his 'facts' and plenty of political fodder for all sides to interpret and regurgitate.  Here are some random things that jumped out at me as I skimmed the transcript:
There was an early plug for unions and Master Lock. 

Blowie touted American auto makers for a stellar recovery, even noting Ford, who took no bail out money (though he didn't make that distinction).  He also mentioned Chrysler which is partially owned by Fiat - an Italian company.

A bit later, he is eschewing the need for corporate tax breaks of various types and says that 'high-tech' manufacturers should get double what other companies get. All you low-tech companies, suck it.

Blowie makes lots of 'goals' that we don't hear about until he has met them.  Let's see what has happened over the past year and then take credit for it by claiming I had set that benchmark as a goal.

Frequently mentioned making the government smaller and easier to deal with but also announced the formation of: Trade Enforcement Unit, one stop employment website and program, Finance Crimes Unit and a special unit of federal prosecutors.

Blowie must be buttering up Angela Merkel, as he touted a Seimens' program that creates and provides training for jobs in their plants.  He knows Seimens is a German company, doesn't he?

The president is calling on demanding states require students to stay in high school until they graduate or turn eighteen.  Watch and see - he will craft federal legislation, another attack on state's rights.  Then the states can figure out how to entertain (cause they damn sure won't be educating) the teenage mothers, drug addicts and those who need to work that will be forced into attending school.

All illegal immigrants need to enroll in school now, because they will all get a free pass to stay in the country.

Crass use of a dead man (Steve Jobs) to segue between immigration issues and energy issues.

Every home owner gets $3,000.

Wants the power to modify the Constitution consolidate the federal bureaucracy.

Began and ended the speech by mentioning terrorists.
 I don't know how you keep a straight face and tell fairy tales give speeches like this.    

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CenTexTim said...

So many lies and misleading statements, so little time. But just to pick one:

"Blowie must be buttering up Angela Merkel, as he touted a Seimens' program that creates and provides training for jobs in their plants. He knows Seimens is a German company, doesn't he?"

Siemens and ThyssenKrupp, another German company with plants in the U.S., have in-house training programs because the U.S. public school system, staffed primarily by union members, doesn't provide students with adequate basic skills.

“The issue that we have is finding skilled workers,” said Christian Turnig from ThyssenKrupp, a German company.

Peter Solmssen of Siemens said “it’s a skills issue. We’re having to train them ourselves.”