January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2011 ended quite pleasantly for me.  The weather was beautiful, in the mid 70's, allowing for one of my favorite pastimes, mowing.  I got the weeds knocked down, some of the leaves mulched and won't have to think about it again until March or April.

New Year's Eve evening was spent in lovely Thackerville, Oklahoma.  Okay, not exactly Thackerville, but that is the exit one takes to go the Winstar World Casino.  Boom and I made the trip to see Maroon 5.  The tickets were a Christmas gift for Boom and she took me!  Of interest to the boys, Adam Levine's girlfriend was in the house, you might recognize her from her Victoria's Secret gig:

It was a good show.  I love the venue.  It seats 3,000 - so it is very intimate by pop band standards.  I haven't figured out why Maroon 5 was playing in Thackerville, Oklahoma on New Year's eve, when they aren't even touring - but it was a great setting.

Now I am home for what is generally the longest night of the year for me as Mr H is out on the roads with all the drunks.  I won't sleep until he is home safe again. 

For all that stop by this place, here's hoping that 2012 is better than the last. 

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InsomniacSeeker said...

It is a pretty good venue. Saw The Ramones and the band formerly known as Loverboy. Ate at Toby Keith's while we were there, but got rooms in Gainesville (much cheaper than the casino).