December 16, 2011


As it seems with all 'vacations', mom gets stuck with a monumental task list.  Today is the last day of school before Christmas vacation, which translates to:

gifts for friends
gifts for Secret Santa (usually the one kid we know nothing personal about)
cupcakes for 60 third graders
juice boxes for preschool lunch (I nabbed one of the easy things on the sign up sheet)
teacher gifts
ornaments for exchange
book for exchange
5 pounds of Christmas Crack made (which is what my kids call a certain white treat we make because it is addictive)
12 dozen spritz cookies for gift tins (broke the gun in the process)
Christmas trail mix for Mr H's IT department (something I threw together with leftover things one year and they think it is the best mix they have ever had)
Gift card for a holiday meal (the required donation for my luncheon today)
I think that is it.  Now, all I have left is baking, candy making, Christmas shopping and wrapping for family and friends.  I can get that accomplished with four kids in tow, right?

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