December 6, 2011

To snooze or not to snooze

I am not a snooze alarm person.  Never have been.  My mom was a single parent that usually left for work before I even got up, so I was responsible for getting up, dressed, fed, lunch packed and to the bus stop on time.  If I didn't make it, I was in for a long walk. In the snow, uphill both ways.  Okay, not uphill both ways, but from October to April, snow was likely.

While not a snooze person, I was a to-the-minute alarm setter.  I knew exactly how long it took me to accomplish all of my tasks and I set my alarm to allow every possible minute of sleep.  If I wanted to do something special with my hair or wardrobe, I might calculate a few extra minutes.  I was never a morning homework doer, instead staying up late to get it done.  I never found much reward in having time to kill that could have been spent sleeping.

Bang is a morning person.  Up at the crack of dawn or earlier, and he wakes up hungry.  While he talks a big game, he just can't stay up late (yet).  He is a morning homework kid.  He is up, fed and dressed by the time Boom is finally rolling out of bed.  Back when we had a coffee maker, he would hit the start button for us when he got up.  Makes his own breakfast.  Packs his own lunch.  Always has time to listen to music and mess around before it is time to leave for school.

Boom has never been a ray of sunshine in the morning, but she used to be much better about getting up.  Neither of my teenagers are sleep-til-noon kids unless they are sick, but Boom is edging toward it.  The siren call of the internet while doing computer-based homework has been keeping her up late.  She isn't so much a social networking kid, instead spending her time reading books online and texting half the night.  And she has a new love affair with her snooze alarm.

I had to wake Boom up twice last week when she kept hitting the snooze, cutting it dangerously close.  There is no room for error when school is 10 miles away and there is no alternative mode of transport.  If one kid is late, it makes them all late.  I know that the time is coming for Boom to face the consequences of her actions.  One morning I am just going to have to let her sleep in and miss school.  Of course, I have to plan carefully to make sure it isn't a test day, or a day that she doesn't miss anything and get a free vacation.

Maybe I can use that day off of school to force her to learn the other life lessons she has been avoiding.  Like laundry.


CharlieDelta said...

I have lived by the snooze button for the greater part of my life. I just love to sleep. I will probably die by the snooze button as well. I have my alarm on the opposite side of the room so I have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. It doesn't even matter at this point, because I will get up out of bed, hit the snooze, and then crawl right back in bed. Usually after the fourth or fifth time I'm up for the day.

It's a wicked habit that's hard if not impossible (for me) to kick. I admire Bang's discipline. I wish I was a morning person, but I'm just the opposite.

If I could go back in time, one of my stops would be to beat the crap out of the dude who invented the snooze "feature." That would make me feel really, REALLY good!

H2o said...

I let daughter dear be late a month ago. She hasn't been late since.

CharlieDelta said...

H2o, if you hover over and make monkey sounds like you did to me at my first Blownstar experience, I bet she will never be late again. Ever. LMAO!!!

H2o said...

I don't remember doing that but I'll give it a try and tell her Uncle Cal told me toooo... Bwhahahaha! BTW she loves the pics you post on fb, has them saved to her ipad.

CharlieDelta said...

BWAHAAHAHA! Which pics are those? I hope I'm not corrupting her with some of my weird posts. Well, I suppose if I was you would've already kicked my ass by now. :-)