December 8, 2011

Random bits

I owe you a review of 'Unite or Die!'.  It was great.  I am trying to secure The Princesses' copy of the script to share some of the bits that got a reaction out of the audience.  There is video, but I am reluctant to post other people's kids on my personal blog without explicit permission.  I am extremely proud of The Princess, as she had two speaking parts, neither of which had been practiced at home (so the five syllable words were quite impressive), and both of which she delivered perfectly.  Though styled as a Reader's Theater, several of the kids (including mine) had memorized their parts, and all of the third graders ended the performance with a rousing presentation of "Fifty Nifty United States", the song they sing naming all of the states (in alphabetical order, no less).  'Fifty Nifty' had been practiced at home.  Repeatedly.  For weeks.  Several times a day.  In the house.  In the yard.  In the car.  You get the idea.  I am proud my daughter can name all of the states, but am glad this learning unit is over.

I feel like crud all of a sudden, my throat started to bother me tonight, somewhere in between the preschool Christmas program and the high school basketball game.  My knee is throbbing, with my physical therapist having given up on me.  I go back to the doc next week, since therapy has made things worse.  My therapist said that she would expect the doc to restrict me to being non-weight bearing for a few weeks.  Great, now I have to get all my Christmas running around done before I am on crutches.  Although I like the looks of those electric scooters at Wal-Mart.  I could get some shopping done with wheels...

My friend GOC is weighing heavily on my mind.  As I write this, we just got word that he has been in the hospital after what his brother-in-law termed a 'mini-stroke'.  Denny hadn't posted since Monday and then hadn't responded to friendly attempts to reach him, so we knew something was up.  Praying for his speedy recovery and glad that he has a good support system there in Georgia.

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