December 3, 2011


The other day I talked about the Republican's party's nominee.  As the nation anxiously awaits Herman Cain's 'big announcement, I will venture a guess that he is done.  I agree with anything you could say - there is a double standard (Clinton/Flowers/Lewinsky, JFK/and every bombshell of the era, Jefferson and his slave baby mama, Garfield, Harding, FDR, Ike, LBJ), I don't really think a politician's sex life is any of my business.  It is my business if they lie about it once confronted.  It is a problem if it wasn't consensual or violated marriage vows.  Character flaws need to be examined.

I heard a radio pundit point out that Cain's statement that he was 'reassessing' was the end of the campaign.  Even if Cain meant it as precisely what he said, the American psyche isn't wired to invest in someone who might be gone next week.  No intelligent person would invest in a product if the company's president announced that may not be in business in the near future.  I though it was odd and telling that Cain's campaign staff took to Facebook to ask his supporters to send him notes to encourage him to stay in the race.

That would seem to leave Romney and Gingrich.  Blech.  Unless you can take Huntsman's daughters seriously. Me neither.

There is one interesting point of light.  The Spalding GOP Store is selling campaign items for three 'hopefuls'.  The Spalding GOP Store is a division of the Spalding Group, a Republican marketing company.  The store has been the official Republican Presidential campaign supplier since 1984.  The three hopefuls that they are making a buck off of selling merchandise for, under the guise of possible Republican candidacy?  Romney, Gingrich and...

Wouldn't that be a kick?


kerrcarto said...

Rick Santorum is my man now.

InsomniacSeeker said...

Ron Paul won the straw poll in Oklahoma this weekend. Not that it matters much, but we do still hold the distinction of being the only state in the union where all the counties voted against Obummer.