December 11, 2011

Party Time

Went to Mr H's annual corporate command performance Christmas party last night.  It really isn't a bad event, it just isn't great.  The CEO hosts at his house and the guest list is small - just senior management and the corporate office drones.  I am guessing there were about 35-40 hostages waiting on the first one to make a break for it, which opens the floodgates.  No one gets snockered.  There is usually a lively billiards competition in the game room.  There is good food.  I don't eat shellfish (since a nasty incident at Beefsteak Charlie's as a kid) so the stampede to the shrimp cocktail always amuses me.  There is always a lovely beef tenderloin and several dessert selections in the butler's pantry.  The CEO's teenager tends bar and short pours everything.  Each year the beer selections change, yet no Shiner.  Next year I swear I am bringing my own.  

This week serves up several Christmas luncheons, but then our 'required' events are complete and we can focus on family stuff.  It strikes me as odd, the stories and lawsuits against 'Christmas' and the homogenization of the Christian and Jewish holidays into 'winter holidays' - yet no one balks at the time off of work or school.  No atheist parents showing up at school board meetings and demanding that someone show up to teach little Sunbeam on December 25 (yeah, I know it is on a Sunday this year).  I don't know of any non-Christians that weren't bellying up to the buffet at the party last night. 

We are a 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Hanukkah' kind of family.  I love the traditional trappings of the season (I can do without the additional market driven distractions); decorating, bad-for-you food, parties, cards, gifts, time with family and friends, and the music...

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