December 17, 2011

Lessons in losing

For my Texas friends, that chill you felt in the evening air last night was hell starting to freeze over for a couple of hours, caused by the juxtaposition of Harper being willingly seated in Cowboy's Stadium.

I don't like to do anything to contribute to Jerry Jones' bottom line, so yesterday was a true test of my patience. Especially at $15 a ticket for high school football (no child or student discount). We had a pretzel, a hot dog, a popcorn, cotton candy, a soft drink and three bottled waters = $42. Makes me quite curious as to the price of the prime rib they were slicing at one of the fancy concession stands.

We trekked to the stadium for the high school football state championships. Our local town made it to the big game, and even though my kids go to school somewhere else now, we wanted to go see the game and support our friends and neighbors.

It must be fun for those kids, to play on the big field, to be up on the gigantic screen and to wait for television time outs. I am sure some teams handle the honor and accomplishment with grace. Others, not so much.

A good friend of Boom's is one of the team trainers, so we started off by searching the sidelines to spot her. As we did that, I noted the overwhelming number of people that were on the sidelines - that had no reason to be there. While most of the player's dads were in the stands, there were dozens of guys on the sideline. People without kids in high school at all, much less a player on the field. Hangers-on, I think they are called. Golfing buddies of the coach, the local megachurch preacher, and - most sickening of all - the private conditioning coaches. These high school kids have private coaches that work with them outside of the school (and UIL) parameters. Everything you have heard about high school football in Texas is true, and then some.

'We' didn't win, and while I feel for the team, I hope that they take away the lessons that are so often missed in today's society. Humility, grace, dealing with disappointment, facing challenges and being proud of the individual accomplishments that outweigh the final score.


InsomniacSeeker said...

I'm sorry you had to endure jerry's world, but for high school football state championships, you sometimes have to bit the bullet. Was this the game with the cart mishap?

kerrcarto said...

One of our local rivals (I consider them local, they are an hour away) the Mason Punchers won state. Way to go boys!!