December 2, 2011

Not so dumb blonde

I get offended when people treat me like I am stupid.

My teenagers fall into that category.  I am not an idiot.  When I walk by your computer and you are furiously closing windows or switching tabs, you aren't fooling me into thinking that you were doing homework.

My stepsister is one of those habitual liars that never remembers the lies she told previously, so the next round of lies is even more entertaining, because no one ever lets on that we know it is all a pile of crap.  Her assumption that I won't remember our last conversation tends to piss me off, because it shows me that she doesn't think I am smart enough to keep track.  Every now and then it is fun to push back with some facts, which tends to result in an even more elaborate story.  But, most often, I leave it, to keep the family peace.

I don't know how anyone falls for any iteration of the Nigerian email scam.  Really?  Some Nigerian royalty stumbled upon your email address and needs help that only you can provide - and even though you are a complete stranger, they will pay you thousands of dollars?  GMAFB

Even my mom is guilty of forwarding those idiotic chain emails about how Microsoft is tracking the email and will reward the users with some great act of charity or royalty payments.  Sheesh, let's all take a refresher course in how email and the interwebs work.

This morning, as I was making the usual rounds of various news sites and blogs, I was struck by the number of ads that were trying to hit a personal note with me.  You know, the ones that read your IP address and then have a picture of someone that they represent to be the "Your Town" guy or girl that is losing a pound a day with one simple trick to melt away body fat!  Or one weird trick!  Or discovered the secret to cut their electricity bill in half!  Or went back to school on grants!

Problem is, I live in a pretty small town.  I don't know everyone, and it has grown over the past few years, but there is no way that there is a shred of truth to the personal connection the ad is portraying (not to mention the crapola they are peddling).  Just this morning alone, in about 15 minutes, I saw 6 different people pictured in ads with a caption that represented them as being from my town.  I probably see a total of 10-20 of those ads each day.  Even if I wanted to believe that those fly by night companies were legit, it is hard to overlook the fact that I should have recognized someone by now.

If you really wanted my business, you would assume I am smart, rather than post generic stock photos of people that you claim are in my town and know how to do something amazing.

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