December 15, 2011

I did it half way

I'm no runner, I will admit that right up front. In the required P.E. class I had to take in high school, I perfected the 400 meter ankle sprain - staging a fall on the first lap of the mile so I could be excused and sent to the nurse's office.

I have never liked to run, and I don't really envy those people who do. I understand that many people really enjoy running - and good for them. I am not one of those people. If you see me running, someone is behind me with a gun.

I have never had the slightest desire to run a marathon. I have walked the kid's 5k course at the Cowtown Marathon and seen the ultra marathoners with their cool medals and lithe bodies, but have never been inspired to give it a go myself.

I imagine that having such a commitment to running is commendable - it just isn't something within my realm of understanding. The thought of it makes my teeth ache. I feel no need to test my limits. I am good right here, thank you.

So, having established that I harbor no ill will toward those that enjoy running as a hobby and/or form of exercise, I will say that every time I see one of these bumper stickers, I laugh:
What in the world does that say about the owner? I ran HALF a marathon. A whole HALF. I would have run the whole thing but 13 is my lucky number, so I quit there. It seems more like an admission of failure to me. And is it really politically correct to hijack the number significance of a race that is named after Phiedippedes' historic 26 mile run to Athens from Marathon to report that the Athenians had won the battle of Marathon? If he had only run 13 miles, there might be a much different history known to man. 

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