December 28, 2011

How was it?

How was your Christmas?  Ours was lovely, in case you were wondering.  I realized late in the game, all of the things that I hadn't done.  Several boxes of Christmas decorations never made it out of the attic.  We didn't do any outside lights at all.  We didn't even get the kids' stockings out until about 9 pm on Christmas eve.  The two youngest were in tucked in and ready to go to sleep when The Princess reminded me that we hadn't set out any cookies for Santa.  Gawd, where has my brain gone?

Despite the lack of detail preparation, we had a nice time with family and friends.  Miraculously, none of my kids were sick.  That seems to be a Christmas and vacation tradition, someone not feeling well.  But this year there were no tears and no fights.  Lots of laughter and sharing of memories.

It has become my habit, because I know my husband and it doesn't bother me, to buy small things for myself that he and the kids can wrap and give to me.  This year it was a glass baking dish to replace one that Mr H broke and a book of the Constitution and other important American documents.  Christmas morning came and neither of those items were in my stack of gifts.  It took 15 minutes of interrogation and backtracking before Mr H remembered where he had hidden them.  At least it wasn't me this year.

Over at Whited's, he posted some really vulgar things that ungrateful people said about what they didn't get for Christmas. I am thankful that my children appreciate what they have, and what they are given - and enjoy being a giver just as much as a receiver. I am also thankful that my stern talk with the 4-year old seemed to work and he didn't show any outward disdain for the gifts (or lack thereof) he received.

I panicked a couple of days before Christmas, when my stepsister called me with a question about a size for The Princess' gift. Her line of questioning led me to believe that she was spending quite a bit more than I would have expected. This led me to run out and purchase an additional set of gifts for her and her daughter. Even when it became evident that I was wrong about the value of the gift, I reminded myself that it was the thought that counts. I decided that the extra money I spent on her and my niece would be appreciated, as she is a single mother and constantly reminds us of her financial struggles. Imagine my surprise when my (13-year old) niece's Christmas morning Facebook picture included her 'first blue box'. Unless Tiffany's has started carrying butt whoopings, they don't have anything that girl needs.


CharlieDelta said...

I for one am glad Christmas is behind us and I can get back to what I consider normal. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas with my family, going to church with my folks and sharing the whole spirit of the season. However, I really love when it's over and done with and I can go shopping without wanting to randomly punch heads and ram cars off the road. Crowds have never been an issue with me until it's the Christmas shopping crowds. Lack of consideration for other people is something that really drives me up the wall, and Christmas brings them all out to the malls at the same time.
The only thing I wanted for Christmas this year Santa didn't bring me; the drive to get off my ass and get my resume done so I can find a descent job and move my ass to Texas. I will never be my mellow self again until I'm out of this God forsaken state. I'm ready for a new year and fresh start.

2012 is a new beginning; a chance to make a difference in the world, and a chance to right a horrible wrong. Let's hope and pray that we accomplish both in November when we take out the White House trash.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, Harper! See you in 2012...

InsomniacSeeker said...

I had a nice Christmas on Christmas Eve with my two brothers & their families and a family in town (Mtn. View) that we have adopted. I kind of went a little nutty this year because it's the first time in years we've had a little one to buy for. I got tickets to the OKC Thunder game on New Years Eve. Some gift from my Mtn. View nephews - they feel sorry for me because I don't have that other family to buy me gifts. I guess my favorite gift was a box of kleenex - in an Oklahoma State University box - I'm kinda glad I have a cold this week...bwahaha!!!

I had planned to buy myself a new tv, but new eyeglasses and some dental work ate that money up real quick. Maybe for my birthday.
I stayed with my Mom on Christmas Day. That's my gift to my oldest brother & family. They are able to go to SIL's family when I stay with Mom.

Glad yours was a good one. Happy New Year!

Harper said...

CD - you get that resume done and start looking and I think you will be surprised at the opportunities available outside of the left coast.

Tina - I just read that TV prices are dropping, so by your birthday might be the best time to buy anyway!