December 4, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Blowie is headed to the islands again, for a 17 day vacation. Wasn't he just in Hawaii last month?

I, for one, have adopted my friend Whited's view. If he ain't in Washington, he isn't mucking things up as much (we hope). So, bon voyage, Barack.

I think it is incredibly poor timing and poor taste on his part. Our leader should be the very image of austerity considering the economy. Instead, he is taking a vacation to a place many people have no hope of ever being able to visit due to cost, and he is going for seventeen freaking days! Good for us, maybe he will tick off a few more people with this show of extravagance.  Maybe Peggy Joseph and the lady with 15 kids will realize that he really isn't their savior.

For the rest of us middle class working and tax paying stiffs, prepare to take it in the caboose.  This isn't a budget vacation:


Last year the Obama's Christmas trip to Hawaii cost more than $1 million.
He covered the cost of his family's accommodation, but the rest was covered by the taxpayers.
The bill to house Secret Service agents and Navy Seals in beach front accommodation stretched to $16,800.
A further hotel bill of $134,400 covered 24 White House staff staying in the Moana Hotel at a rate of $400 a day.
The estimate, by the Hawaii Reporter, also included $250,000 for local police overtime, $1 million for the president's own round trip flight to Hawaii on Air Force One, and $10,000 for a local ambulance to accompany the presidential motorcade.

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