December 29, 2011

Drudge Jumps the Shark

On Christmas morning there was a shooting in a neighboring town, they are calling it the Grapevine Massacre.  I'm not sure what officially qualifies something as a massacre versus a shooting or a murder-suicide, but what remains is that seven people are dead.

The details that have emerged are, unfortunately, not an unfamiliar story.  An estranged marriage and financial strife are the known factors.  And for other reasons we will probably never know, the shooter chose to kill his wife, children, other family members and himself.

The shooter was dressed as Santa upon arrival.  The family apparently opened their Christmas gifts just before the shooting.  It seems that the shooter was the one that dialed 911.  All that is heard on the tape is 'help' and 'I am shooting people.' and this only after additional audio enhancement work - the original call was thought to be a silent open call.

There have been lovely pictures of the Iranian family, clearly having embraced western dress and customs.

Why in the world is Drudge running this headline?
UPDATE: Killer 'Santa' was a Muslim... 
Based solely on an innocent comment from a family friend:
Baum said the separation was very difficult on the family’s father. Baum said the family was Muslim but celebrated Christmas as a cultural holiday. The parents were originally from Iran.
There is nothing about this crime and tragedy that is at all relevant to the family's religion.  I don't believe that Islam is the religion of peace but these deaths are the result of a sick man - there is nothing to indicate that his faith had anything to do with his crime.    

It isn't the first time that Drudge's link has produced much less than the link title advertised.  Makes me wonder if they are hiring former Enquirer writers to craft their headlines.

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