December 15, 2011

Dear Editor:

Texans Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips was recovering Thursday morning after a successful surgery, sources told KHOU 11 News.
Phillips, 64, had his gallbladder removed and an unspecified procedure performed on a kidney, according to the source.
However, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak said the defensive coordinator was still undergoing the procedure while meeting with the media after practice on Thursday.
Wow.  If Wade Phillips can have his gallbladder removed while meeting with the media, why couldn't he effectively coach the Cowboys?


Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH!! Yeah, that looks like an article screw-up. I think it was more the players than Wade. He didn't draft well and a lot of players on the roster were Parcells' players. The Cowboys team is a collection of insufferable mediocrity but Jerry Jones pays them all top dollar. That's a recipe for disaster, which that team is right now.

Anonymous said...

That defense couldn't stop a pack of girl scouts. BTW, go Redskins! They're playing the Giants this weekend. *vomits in mouth*

InsomniacSeeker said...

REDSKINS WIN!!! You better be nice, we've helped you out with winning this one, but your girls are going to screw it up anyway.