December 18, 2011

The creative rebellion of today's youth

I am not an overly controlling mother, but a responsible one. I try not to judge, but I fail miserably at times, when observing the parenting habits of others. Case in point; a condition of my daughter having a Facebook is that I have the password. Some of what those other kids post clearly shows that their parents are not at all involved or monitoring the site.

Seriously, if your 16-year old daughter is posting pictures of the guys in her room with a handle of vodka - you have missed the parenting boat. There is a monumental chasm between kids getting away with things that their parents don't know about and the kids not only doing it, but having the guts (or lack of common sense) to post photos of their misdeeds on the internet.  Isn't that a cry for help or something?

I don't routinely check up on Boom. She isn't a regular FB user, and has never posted anything risque. I have only asked her to un-friend a couple of people who were insanely inappropriate in their use of language and photos. I do sometimes use Boom's FB to check on things other members of my family have posted (I am not FB friends with anyone I am related to, for my sanity). When I log in with Boom's credentials, I am often greeted with a vivid snapshot of teenage life. Tonight it was humor, and I almost wet my pants.

One of Boom's classmates is Indian and her family is Hindu, the strict vegetarian sort. Now, they have some specific rules for their daughter that seem strict, and this darling girl is becoming a poster child for repression rebellion. Her FB statuses are littered with profanity. She presented her Secret Santa his gift in a bag that said, 'F*ck You, Here's your present', never batting an eye at what the teachers would say.

With all that angst, I was worried that maybe this girl would start drinking or do something else dangerously irresponsible.  I should have remembered how smart she is.  How do brilliant but repressed Indian girls act out at their parents? Like this:
'Parents are out of town. Time to eat bacon and watch trashy reality TV'.

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CenTexTim said...

We'll make an American out of that gal yet.