December 10, 2011

Christmas Chores

I have to hit it hard this weekend and get some Christmas shopping and running around done.  My kids get out of school for the holidays on the 16th, so all of the school-related gifts for friends and teachers need to be finalized.  Mr H conveniently planned a business trip during the week, so I am on my own for the Christmas-related activities that are punctuating our already busy schedule. 

If I were a rich girl (Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum), I would do stuff like this.  I think it would be cool to secretly surprise people with little displays of generosity.  We have our family traditions, year round, that we do to try to bring others joy and comfort.  All too often, I am left wishing I had more to give. 

I love these flash mob things, maybe I will get caught up in one at the mall today (yeah, right):

1 comment:

CharlieDelta said...

They need to come up with a better name for good or fun things like this. When I hear "flash mob" all I can think of is a mob of those damn punk ghetto kids ripping off a 7-11 or something like that.

Maybe a flash crowd? Flash fellowship? Assemblage? Gathering? Caboodle?

Anything but mob. There is a negative connotation to it right out of the gate when "mob" is used.

Oh, and you'll get no sympathy from me on the final Christmas shopping dilema Harper. I havent' even started mine yet...